Analysis and diagnosis of robot failure

Q ROBOT VIEWER (STANDARD) is a failure analysis and diagnosis program using alarm data. We analyze robot alarms to minimize customer losses due to robot failure.

  • Easy to Install on a PC
  • Simple, intuitive and light
  • Analyze robotic problems with the log file
  • Alarm history management
  • Position Deviation management

View the data and 3D models at once

You can analyze the robot's motion changes with just a few clicks in 3D graphics using UR log data. In 3D graphics, you can analyze failure conditions and establish countermeasures by comparing the movements of the robot with the UR log data.

Alarm History Management

You can check the top 5 alarms that occurred during the period in real time and view the robot's data by date. In addition, it is possible to immediately check whether each robot is in use or not.

The position deviation alarm has been added so that the diagnosis of the robot can be made more accurately. It also provides a description of the cause of the problem and the action to be taken.

System Specifications

  • Windows 10, 11
  • .NET 4.7.0 or later
  • Intel Core i Series or later internal graphics

UR Polyscope Compatibility

  • 5.8 ~ 3.13 or later

UR ROBOT Compatibility

  • UR3      UR5      UR10
  • UR3e   UR5e    UR10e   UR16e

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