Q ROBOT is already used by over 1,500 robots around the world.

Downtime due to unexpected robot failure results in enormous losses for robot users.

In addition, the inefficient way of operation of the robotic process leads to a decrease in robot performance and longevity, and is an important factor in increasing maintenance costs.

Q ROBOT is a solution developed to solve this problem.

Q ROBOT integrates and manages robots connected through a single network.

You can monitor robot failures in real time and manage the robot's current status and maintenance history.

It minimizes unnecessary M/H loss for diagnosis of robot failure and enables predictive analysis of future defects.

    - Robot registration.

    - Integrated monitoring of robot driving status.

    - Search the history of robot alarm occurrence.

    - Robot alarm operation history management.

    - Machine learning based fault detection and maintenance. (To be updated in the future)

* System Specifications

- Processor: Intel i5 class

- Memory: 8 GB

- Disk space: 102 GB (2 GB installation space, 100 GB data workspace (1 year data storage warranty))

- Network card required

- Windows 10

* Q ROBOT standard H/W recommended specification according to robot quantity

5 Robot
10 Robot
20 Robot
Intel Core i5 class 
Intel Core i5 class
Intel Core i5 class
Installation space
Disk space
25GB (1 year data storage warranty)
50GB (1 year data storage warranty)
100GB (1 year data storage warranty)
Network card required
Network card required
Network card required
Windows 10
Windows 10
Windows 10

* UR Robot Compatibility 

 UR3            UR5            UR10

 UR3e          UR5e          UR10e


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