Q ROBOT VIEWER (BASIC) is a fault analysis and diagnostic program using robot data.

In order to minimize user loss due to robot failure, 3D graphics using robot data and AXIS-specific charts help analyze the cause of failure and establish countermeasures.

If the robot fails, you can analyze the robot's motion changes with just a few clicks in 3D graphics using UR log data.

In 3D graphics, you can analyze failure conditions and establish countermeasures by comparing the movements of the robot with the UR log data.

* System Specifications

- Windows 10

- .NET 4.7.0 or later

- Intel Core i Series or later internal graphics

* UR Polyscope Compatibility

- 5.8-3.13 or later

* UR Robot Compatibility 

 UR3            UR5            UR10

 UR3e          UR5e          UR10e


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