Q ROBOT SMART FACTORY (BASIC) is a program necessary for continuous improvement of the manufacturing environment by measuring and diagnosing Overall Equipment Effectiveness to measure manufacturing productivity.

Identify operational issues to see how efficiently your customers are producing, and identify percentages of actual productive manufacturing time to monitor improved results.

Q Robot Smart Factory aims to increase production efficiency by 10-30% by continuously improving the production efficiency of customers. 

Q ROBOT SMART FACTORY (BASIC) can monitor the overall equipment efficiency, time operation rate, performance operation rate, and quality of manufacturing facilities in real time. And you can monitor the production plan quantity, current production quantity, achievement rate, quantity of defective products, and the number of alarm occurrences in real time.

We can check the real-time measurement of the total equipment efficiency, time operation rate, performance operation rate, quality rate, total facility efficiency by process, non-operation time versus work time for each process in real-time, and analyze the work problems of each process.

With daily manufacturing productivity measurements and results, we provide our customers with the information they need to do root cause analysis of work problems. Through daily production information, the planned quantity and production volume, and the quantity of defective products. You can check work hours, non-operation hours, and quantity information by alarm type.

Provides weekly production plan quantity, production quantity, achievement rate, defective quantity information. You can check the overall facility efficiency, time operation rate, performance operation rate, and defect rate of manufacturing facilities on a weekly basis and check the trend. You can check the alarm processing process, alarm name, alarm occurrence time, and alarm operation time that occurred in the searched week, and provides information on the number of occurrences by type of alarm. Provides weekly work plan time, work time, and downtime information. Analyze the problems of a specific working day through trend analysis of each indicator.

* System Specifications

- Windows 10

- .NET 4.7.0 or later

- Intel Core i Series or later internal graphics

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